Taiwan Coolest 10 startups

The Ministry of Science and Technology announced the “Taiwan Coolest 10 Startups” on March 31st! After a three-stage evaluation process on startup companies’ techniques, products, services and business models and on proforming due diligence information, we had selected 10 of the coolest startups, ranging from AI (50%), IoT (20%), biotech (20%) to AR/VR (10%), with an estimation of foundraising amount up to US$ 608 million.

According to Dr. Yu-Chin Hsu, the Deputy Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan will soon present the world with the international startup base “Taiwan Tech Arena” in this June. Taiwan Tech Arena will focus on building an energetic international technology startup ecosystem to help startups from Taiwan and the world to be successful in foundraising and marching into global market through bringing in international resources and business opportunities such as accelerators, enterprises mentors, industries, techniques and busniness models. For the 10 coolest startups and for those who are interested in Taiwan Tech Arena’s vision, it is more than welcome to become strategy partners of Taiwan Tech Arena to bring out the sparks of tech innovation

2017 Taiwan Coolest 10 Startups
(The following list is shown in alphebatical order)

1. Appier 沛星互動科技股份有限公司
2. CloudMile 萬里雲互聯網路
3. Gogoro 睿能創意股份有限公司
4. Health2Sync 慧康生活科技股份有限公司
5. iStaging 愛實境股份有限公司
6. JARVISH 酷設工坊股份有限公司
7. Maisense 美盛醫電股份有限公司
8. MoBagel 行動貝果有限公司
9. UmboCV 盾心科技股份有限公司
10. Viscovery 創意引晴股份有限公司

We appreciate the participation of the 10 coolest startups in Taiwan and all the media coverage on this event and the grand opening of Taiwan Tech Arena in June. We can feel your anticipation on the future cooperation between Taiwan and the globe, so do we!

科技部嚴選,台灣 10 家最酷科技新創正式揭曉!

科技部選出新創10強 影像辨識、智慧把脈超吸睛

科技部評選台灣十家最酷新創 募資總計達 6.08 億美元

科技部發布 2017 年臺灣 10 家最酷科技新創公司

十大酷新創 AI占五家

科技部助募資 10家新創公司出列 範圍涵蓋AI、IOT領域


台灣最酷新創公司 AI佔半數

2017台10家最酷科技新創 估募資額達6億美元

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