TTA’s Partner – SparkLabs Taipei Holds DemoDay 1

Taiwan Tech Arena’s (TTA) partner accelerator SparkLabs Taipei held DemoDay 1

Taiwan Tech Arena’s (TTA) partner accelerator SparkLabs Taipei held DemoDay 1 and invited five TTA startups and two international startups to showcase their products and technologies and connect with more than a hundred potential partners, investors, and markets. Dr. Liang-Gee, Chen, the Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) stated:” We appreciate that SparkLabs Taipei introduces substantial resources for startups. TTA acts as a platform connecting startups, accelerators, VCs, and partner ventures; we look forward to seeing Taiwanese startups successful in world”.

TTA Teams Drew VCs’ Attentions

Two TTA startup teams have had successfully drawn attentions from VCs and investors.

FOX-TECH developed an IoT solution for agriculture, farming, logistics, and manufacturing organizations to monitor and improve their effectiveness by detecting temperature wirelessly. The company’s iconic product has helped business owners reduce margin loss across food supply chain in more than twenty-three nations.

CANNER provides enterprise tools for business organizations to create flexible content and data management system for any clouds and devices. It has been one of the top five gamers’ favorite game platforms globally and more than half of the customers come from the U.S. and Europe.

Taiwan Tech Arena Leading Tech Startups to Achieve Global Market

TTA’s new goal in 2019 is to let startups work even closer with the big enterprises, hoping that they will bring international mentors, capitals, talents and technologies to TTA startups.

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