Calling for startups: TITAN - Prototype Program

As part of the Asia Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Linking Program launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Solid Innovation Creativity Implementation Platform, or Prototype Program, is providing an arena for startups committed to innovation in five specific industries. These industries include: IoT, biotech and medical care, renewable energy technologies, smart mechanical technologies and national defense and aeronautical technologies. Startups must provide their own academic and research results as well as technical competences to verify the effectiveness of these innovative technologies or concepts.

Subject to the team’s development and positioning, the 18 to 20 selected candidates recommended by accelerators are entitled to receive subsidies for NTD 1 million.

Application Timeline:

Application starts from February 21st , 2019, GMT+8.
Please click here to participate in the Program Information Presentation on March 5th, 2019.

The applicant must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Apply as an academic and research team: Any non-corporate team which has been selected by a program sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology is eligible to apply under the identity of an academic and research team for this program. Once the final selection result is announced, the agreement will be signed by the organization the team belongs to, such as a university or a legal person.

  2. Apply as a company: A startup company which identifies with one of the five aforementioned categories of innovative industries and has been incorporated in Taiwan since January 1st, 2014 is eligible to apply with the entity of a) a company incorporated in Taiwan, b) a team, and c) (if no business entity registered yet) an overseas company not yet registered/incorporated in Taiwan. Nevertheless, for applicants of type b and c, the local incorporation processes in Taiwan must be completed before signing the contract. Only a business entity incorporated in Taiwan is eligible to sign the agreement with the Program.

    * Academic & research teams and startup companies have to be incorporated in Taiwan by April 30st, 2019 in order to qualify for government subsidies.

Program Contact:

  • BE Accelerator- Arthur Chen,
  • IAPS - Joanne Liu,
  • SparkLabs Taipei - Edgar Chiu,
  • TVC - 邱嘉玲,
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