TTA Pavilion Great Achievement 5 Awards and International Corporation Received

After the grand opening of InnoVEX at the Taipei World Trade Center in 5/29, the Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) Pavilion continued attracted attention from several media, and the teams had won numerous awards at the InnoVEX exhibition. Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA), a Taiwan-based technology startup base formed by Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) provided Taiwan Tech Award, with a total value of $100,000USD, including $30,000USD of venture funds, $20,000USD of TTA annual membership, and  $50,000USD TTA/TIEC training course.

Ten teams were competing for Taiwan Tech Award during InnoVEX PITCH Contest held on the May 31st. The juries are a group of venture capitalists had chosen MedFluid from Taiwan as the winner of Taiwan Tech Award. MedFluid used In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) system to support the precision medicine of antibiotics. The In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) system is the fastest in the market that can optimize three different kinds of antibiotics combination to provide clinicians with accurate and personalized results. There will be a high demand in the market.

During the ceremony, MTAM Tech from Taiwan announced that they had won the Taiwania Capital Innovation Award of US$10,000. MTAM Tech developed Microtube Array Membrane (MTAM) which consists of a whole host of beneficial microstructures that can benefit the cancer patients for drug test; Ganzin Technology from Taiwan received a special award of $10,000 by Qualcomm had launched Aurora, through algorithm Ganzin re-designed the eye-tracking solution with a small form factor and minimal power requirements.

To encourage domestic and international startup team to Taiwan, Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs has provided 5 Startup Terrace Awards during 2019 InnoVEX Pitch Contest. TTA teams won 2 awards, which were Mind & Idea Fly who use MAKAR editor to create marketing content for AR/VR; OmniEyes using artificial intelligence and AWS system to solve transportation problem in the cities.

Also, TTA once again collaborated with Audi Taiwan participated the 2019 Audi Innovation Award which focusing on artificial intelligence, automotive-related and vehicle networking applications, smart medical and health management technologies, with can be integrated with Audi vehicle technology to improve human lifestyle.

Three startup teams had won the Audi Innovation Award, which was HorusEye Tech, which developed smart glasses through an optical system which provide full vision and multiple depths of filed. Studio 1 Labs from Canada developed a fabric sensor technology, the intelligent bed sheet used for the patient monitoring system to measure heart rates, body temperature, and collect data for sleep qualities; this solution can improve the healthcare system, and each patient can be well monitored to provide necessary assistant. WeavAir from Canada developed an advanced sensors & predictive analytics solution to save energy & reduce costs of high-value air distribution systems while improving air quality, the solution believe can expand the use for car, train, and flights in the future. 

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