AI tech that is certified by the TFDA! Deep01, in cooperation with Chang Gung Hospital, has created a referral system of A&E

Deep01 partner with Microsoft Azure and Nvidia edge computing for AI medical referral system

Deep01, the first AI company obtained US-FDA in APAC, was approved by the FDA of Taiwan (TFDA) this February. Deep01 is also the first case that wins the TFDA by the deep learning technology, and it sets the milestone of commercialization of medical AI. Deep01 has put their AI-based software for checking hemorrhage with brain CT into the workflow of three hospitals in Taiwan as they got the permission of TFDA, while the integration with the biggest PACS company in Philippines is finished. 

The solution of Deep01 can work both on the cloud or the edge for the global clients. The cloud solution will be cooperated with Microsoft’s Azure, which is also the business partnership with Deep01. For the edge solution, NVIDIA will provide the competitive project with the companies in the supply chain to meet the demands of the healthcare markets. 

Deep01 has launched AI-powered referral system for Chang Gung Hospital, one of the biggest medical center known for A&E in Asia, and Taiwan Miner’s General Hospital, to increase the efficiency of the referral. Dr. Chun-Lin Yen, the neurosurgeon of Chang Gung Hospital, introduced the design of the system connecting with the small hospitals around Chang Gung Hospital. Deep01’s TFDA-approved AI-bases software can check the brain CT and detect the acute hemorrhage in only 30 seconds, therefore the tool enhances the communication between the doctors in the referring hospitals and the medical center. 

“Our vision is to build an AI-powered network of referral and A&E between the hospitals, and to offer the better quality of emergency rescue. Especially for the patients of hemorrhage, the outcomes would be improved and the rate of paralysis and death would be decreased if they can be triaged and treated faster.” Said by David Chou, CEO of Deep01, with Dr. Chun-Lin Yen and Dr. Ching-Fu Lee, the president of Taiwan Miner’s General Hospital. “Time is brain”, it’s the consensus of the physicians that means the prognosis of brain damage can be recovered better as treated faster.   

Deep01 will offer more and more AI-based tools constantly for the neurosurgeons, radiologists and physician of A&E, to save the time of diagnosis and treatment for improving the quality management of hospitals. 

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