Taiwan Tech Arena Opening Week Highlights

Liang-Gee Chen, the Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology.
MoST officially launched TTA program on June, 5th, with an aim to build Asia’s best tech startup ecosystem by integrating international and domestic startups, accelerators, venture capitalists, and corporate partners.

“The goal of Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) is to propel Taiwan onto the global startup stage. Taiwan has a very strong heritage in the deeptech industry, advanced manufacturing for semiconductors, hardware and software integration, and biotechnology. This makes it possible for Taiwan Startups to have a position in the global startup ecosystem,” said Liang-Gee Chen, the Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology.

TTA International Connections 
In order to build Asia’s best startup ecosystem, TTA partnered with France, the Netherlands, and Israel to cultivate global talents by providing disruptive technologies and expertise across the globe.

The founder of Startup Delta, Nils Beers mentioned, “We do see there will be a lot of opportunities to work together with Taiwan Tech Arena.”

During the opening week, TTA was able to share this exciting new vision with many foreign and domestic accelerators and ventures, such as 500 Startups, Techstars, SOSV-MOX, StarFab, and Sparklabs. TTA also announced its collaboration with corporate partners such as Acer, AWS, Google, Microsoft, NVIDIA and Trend Micro in AI talent development, cloud-computing transition, rapid prototyping and software technology development.

Through these connections, TTA will act as a facilitator of deep technology ventures to enable breakthrough innovation and the cultivation of new industries; TTA members will be able to learn the values and knowledges through different experiences and collaboration.

Netherlands Trade and Investment office, Diederik van der Toorn; Director of Startup Delta, Nils Beer; Deputy General Director of Commercialization and Industry Service Center, Lewis Chen.

TTA Opening Week Events Highlights
Young Entrepreneur Initiative – Start in France (YEi)
The Young Entrepreneur Initiative – Start in France (YEi) competition was held in Taiwan Tech Arena during the opening week. YEi is an acceleration program launched by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to develop foreign deep-tech startups in France and Europe.

Since 2017, Taiwan has partnered with YEi, and it’s one of the only two countries in Asia that has partnership with the program. This year, YEi selected 6 Taiwanese startup teams; Flexwave, Ubiik, Thinktank, Bened Biomedical, Realiteer and FaceHeart to be part of the acceleration program. The teams will go to France this coming November and meet investors, visit research centers, digital and tech companies to gain insights of Europe and other international markets.

Young Entrepreneur Initiative (YEi) winners and judges at Taiwan Tech Arena.

ARM Innovator Asia Tour
The ARM Innovator Asia Tour’s first stop was Taiwan Tech Arena, Taipei.  ARM is on a mission to look for brilliant innovators, makers, and entrepreneurs all across Asia, all the while sharing insights and knowledge about ARM technology. The second half of the event was a pitch session that welcomed audiences to share their projects. These participants then had a chance to be selected into the ARM Innovator Program.

ARM team at Taiwan Tech Arena.
TTA and startups teams are going to Echelon Asia Summit 2018, so make sure to come and meet us at TTA Night on June 29, at Block 71.

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