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iStaging與台灣工業技術研究院AR/VR研發團隊合併後,研發Immersive Reality穿越實境技術的多項跨國專利,核心技術包含2D轉3D雲端圖像快速轉檔平台、AR+VR穿越實境技術、跨國聯賣商務平台、傢俱電子商務O2O平台專注於發展AR/VR技術,顛覆不動產、室內設計和傢俱銷售產業,串連這些產業打造數位化的共享經濟市場。

iStaging is a Virtual Expo Solutions Services company powered by advanced patented technologies. iStaging develops and brings together AR, VR and AI technologies to provide multiple one stop solutions with end to end service to clients in various industries such as MICE, Real Estate, Retail, Tourism etc.