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    Internet of Things


    We provide convenient and low-threshold scooter-sharing (both motorcycle and scooter) service for users in campus. With self-built operation platform, rich experience in developing Internet of Things technology, and mobile app, Looplus offers users a richer lifestyle and options for motorized transportation.

  • KOUP
    Healthcare & Biomedical


    Koup is a performance wear brand that creates high performance apparel while minimising the environmental impact. Koup also reduces waste by designing packaging using scrap fabric from its own production and eliminate as much single use plastic in its design.

  • KDH Design Inc.
    Wearable Device

    KDH Design Inc.

    KDH Design Inc. was founded by the key members of Communication & Network Solution Business Group (CNSBG) of Foxconn. Utilizing industry expertise, the team is the leader in smart wear, Netcom, and AR technology industries.

  • iWEECARE Co., Ltd.
    Healthcare & Biomedical

    iWEECARE Co., Ltd.

    Born for demand, the creation from iWEECARE Co., Temp Pal® is an engineered “miniature and flexible technology” that is more than just a thermometer. It is a health-tracking solution that makes health managing and medical research easier.

  • iWavenology
    Smart Tech


    iWavenology was founded by Professor Shau-Gang Mao of National Taiwan University. He is an expert in the areas of wireless communication and signal processing. it is a pioneer in adopting AI-powered technology that combines efficient hardware architecture and signal processors.

  • iPreg Inc.
    Healthcare & Biomedical

    iPreg Inc.

    iPreg Incorporation was founded in 2018 by Dr. Chen-Yen Chung. We focus on the research and development of innovative medical materials. In recent years, we have been committed to solving the medical problems in the declining birth rate and invented “iPreg sperm sorting chip” to assist the course of infertility treatment.

  • AIPLUX Technology Ltd
    Cyber Security & Software

    AIPLUX Technology Ltd

    AIPLUX used the experience and knowledge in IP industry, AI technology and our own trademark databases to build our first product LOFA. LOFA is the first multilingual cross-border trademark management platform in the world. Everyone can gain access to global IP protection through the platform, without the language and regulation barriers.

  • intersection energy technology
    Smart Tech

    intersection energy technology

    Our products assist Utilities in power leveling, green energy diversification, and improved customer experience. Our energy management technology can not only avoid power outage but also automatically adjust the energy usage capacity to extend longer life cycles.

  • iHH Co., Ltd
    Smart Tech

    iHH Co., Ltd

    iHH integrate our years of research and development, based on a distributed network technology to build the core technique and value, IOEX solution. IOEX distributed network provides a none relay server transmission to users. The vision of iHH Co., Ltd. is to be a global AIoT service carrier for various countries and industries.

  • I.X
    Cyber Security & Software


    I.X established to bring innovation to enhance security level in corporate, finance, semiconductor and healthcare industry. I.X is bringing cybersecurity platform for user identification, multi-factor login authentication, data encryption and access authorization with blockchian for audit control.

  • GoGame
    Smart Tech


    Our solution turns any digital platform into a gaming powerhouse to boost engagement, reduce the cost of acquisition, and increase brand awareness. We are dedicated to delivering fresh games on our competitive platform every week. Our key partners in over 17 countries are driving in excess of 2 million minutes of game time per week.

  • Glossika
    Smart Tech


    Glossika helps language learners speak a language better and faster in the least possible time by using smart technology, adaptive learning algorithms and structured content. Glossika brings fluency skills to language learners between any two languages.

  • Glorykylin international co. ltd
    Smart Tech

    Glorykylin international co. ltd

    Glorykylin was founded in 2015.Wireless audio and video transmission is our main technique, focusing on home entertainment, business meeting, and education market. How to increase home-life convenience, improve business efficiency, and popularize mobile-learning education is our main value, and we extend our brand by this core.

  • Giftpack
    Cyber Security & Software


    We provide personalization at scale based on the data analysis of the receiver with their social and online presents. Then we build a database to solve the cultural differences by region and find the perfect-matched gifts for receivers from 2.5M+ items around the world.

  • GenkiTek
    Artificial Intelligence


    GenkiTek designs AI software and integrates hardware to produce AI products.

  • Gene-Hub Technology Co., Ltd
    Healthcare & Biomedical

    Gene-Hub Technology Co., Ltd

    Our mission is to integrate different physiological information by AIoT, and provide solutions to improve everyone’s health in the world. Our company provide innovate idea and solutions to help people understand the daily metabolism of their body by portable and wearable devices.

  • Ganzin Technology Inc.
    Smart Tech

    Ganzin Technology Inc.

    We focus on creating the next generation eye tracking modules that can be easily integrated into AR/VR devices to unlock the potential of the eyes as a seamless interface into the extended reality world.

  • Funtek
    Cyber Security & Software


    FUNTEK Software Inc. is a chat solution provider. Our core products include imkit (Chat SDK) and PinChat (B2C Instant messaging SaaS product). We target industries such as Retail, Finance, Insurance, e-Commerce, Events and Social Platforms, and Pharmacy, etc. to provide them controllable and easy-to-setup chat service.

  • Foreaider Co., Ltd
    Healthcare & Biomedical

    Foreaider Co., Ltd

    ForeAider was founded in July 2018. We want to provide intimate care services without changing our original habits. Filial piety is made simple, so that older people are truly respected. Based on this belief, develop a nursing aid that can help caregivers be "non-wearable and suitable for most mattresses."

  • Flyingcrazyer
    Cyber Security & Software


    FlyingCrazyer is an online knowledge dissemination solution. We focus on improving the effectiveness of online learning through information graphics and intelligent teaching assistant support. The online courses we create makes you be able to understand, remember, practice and learn knowledge better rather than unfinished.S

  • FiduciaEdge Technologies
    Cyber Security & Software

    FiduciaEdge Technologies

    FIDUCIAEDGE provide "Confidential Edge Computing Nodes" to produce real-time AI inference results without disclosing the raw data which not only protect the computing process from malicious hackings but also keep data and algorithm owners’ know how privacy from the “second” party.

  • Dentall Co., Ltd
    Healthcare & Biomedical

    Dentall Co., Ltd

    We provide total solutions for the dentists and the dental clinic’s daily practice and routine management. We intend to implement the software with multiple functions including ERP, CRM, billing and AI image sourcing technology into all the dental practice. And hopefully become the game changer of global dentistry.

  • Decloak Intelligences Co.,Ltd.
    Cyber Security & Software

    Decloak Intelligences Co.,Ltd.

    DeCloak Intelligences offers a differential privacy solution to protect individual’s privacy while allows data to be aggregated, analyzed and even sold without worrying about breaking privacy regulations. The company’s patent pending technology works with a broad range of AIoT devices such as medical, wearable, smart appliances…etc.

  • Crypto-Arsenal
    Cyber Security & Software


    Crypto-Arsenal creates a cloud-based automated crypto-trading platform for developers to develop, backtest, simulate, execute and monetize quantitative trading strategies, and for traders to adopt verified strategies for live-trading with Split-As-You-Profit Model.

  • Cloudmed Co.,Limited
    Healthcare & Biomedical

    Cloudmed Co.,Limited

    Cloudmed is the first company to provide services of professional integrated medical service solution and has been a pioneer in Taiwan’s professional mobile medical electronics manufacturing and mobile health management services.

    Healthcare & Biomedical

    CarePLUS uses AI to detect changes in behavior patterns for early detection of health issues. CarePLUS is paired with a fisheye camera, looking for events in the surroundings. CarePLUS detects the location, human activity, and high-level events using cutting-edge computer vision techniques and AI-driven algorithms.

  • BlueBeard Studio Co. Ltd
    Internet of Things

    BlueBeard Studio Co. Ltd

    We are BlueBeard Studio with iTemp, the IoT product design team from Taiwan. We design products based on humanity on user's daily bases. With the whole new design iTemp, we aim to provide people the best food experiences from top to the bottom with the right temperature one desires.

  • BiiLabs
    Cyber Security & Software


    BiiLabs aims to provide an overall solution to digital transformation such as trust, security, and efficiency for our clients. Our vision is to empower everyone to access and thrive in the digital economy through bridging the gap between digital spaces and the human world.

  • Beseye
    Artificial Intelligence


    With our own unique Skeleton-Print technology, Beseye specializes in development of customized AI Video Analysis Platform, which provides public areas and stores automatic safety analysis and business intelligence that allows users to understand customer demographics and behaviors.

  • MedFluid
    Healthcare & Biomedical


    MedFluid is committed to develop microfluidic platforms for rapid detection and screening tools of disease diagnosis and supporting precise medical prescriptions to improve the health and well-being of patients.

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