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  • RedEye Biomedical Inc
    Smart Tech

    RedEye Biomedical Inc

    RedEye Hemoglobin Sensor is a photoelectric product developed and designed to detect whether the excreta solution in the toilet contains hemoglobin

  • Plasma Incorporated
    Smart Tech

    Plasma Incorporated

    Make physiological information more accurate through epidermal electronic technology.

  • Nestech Corporation Ltd.
    Smart Tech

    Nestech Corporation Ltd.

    We make a great integration of edge and cloud computing with the advantage of NB-IOT and Lora technology

  • iTech
    Smart Tech


    iFollow / iShield / iPosition

  • MY YARD TECH Co., Ltd.
    Smart Tech

    MY YARD TECH Co., Ltd.

    FORMART is world's first desktop Smart Vacuum Former

  • Cubo AI
    Smart Tech

    Cubo AI

    Cubo AI is a smart baby monitor using AI to send proactive alerts that safeguard your babies and toddlers

  • Happy Island (GALERDO)
    Smart Tech

    Happy Island (GALERDO)

    The world's first Headset-free AI-enabled Audio Tracker for Swimmers.

    Smart Tech


    n-Star AI Wall Socket is evolution of wall sockets.

  • Ganzin Technology Inc
    Smart Tech

    Ganzin Technology Inc

    Ganzin is eye tracking total solution provider.

  • Yallvend Co., Ltd.
    Smart Tech

    Yallvend Co., Ltd.

    More Sales, Less Labor – Vending Upgrade Kit(VUK)

  • Mind & Idea Fly Co., Ltd.
    Smart Tech

    Mind & Idea Fly Co., Ltd.

    MAKAR AR VR Builder, is designed to solve high-cost, high-tech and long-term development schedule

  • Taiwan Intelligent Home Corp.
    Smart Tech

    Taiwan Intelligent Home Corp.

    Maid White integrates software protocols of IoT devices, and works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Tmall and other services

  • SWR Technology Inc.
    Smart Tech

    SWR Technology Inc.

    SWR Technology provides a smarter way to power smart devices

  • Maxon Creative
    Smart Tech

    Maxon Creative

    VM-Fi Solved Group Communication Costly Pain Point

  • SwiSys
    Smart Tech


    CAN Bus OBDII Bridge

  • SunJet Robotics Ltd.
    Smart Tech

    SunJet Robotics Ltd.

    IFR is an autonomous fire extinguish robot with security features designed to extinguish a fire in its initial stage

  • Slewell Tech
    Smart Tech

    Slewell Tech

    "Slewell is a full-frequency recording audio machine for sleep analysis"

    Smart Tech


    We design the first Soap Maker in the world

  • Robotelf Technologies Co., Ltd.
    Smart Tech

    Robotelf Technologies Co., Ltd.

    Best home-care and assistant robot to your family

  • dp smart technology co., ltd.
    Smart Tech

    dp smart technology co., ltd.

    The Rogy 360 camera is the most innovative camera of its categorie in the market. .

    Smart Tech


    VAGO, the world smallest portable vacuum device, could help users save more than 50% luggage space automatically.

  • AgriTalk Tech
    Smart Tech

    AgriTalk Tech

    AgriTalk provides customizable AI that tells the soil microbiome distribution and nutrients left inside the soil.

  • Brilliant Optronics
    Smart Tech

    Brilliant Optronics

    The multi-function smart window film.

  • Hyper Immersion Technology
    Wearable Device

    Hyper Immersion Technology

    跨視代科技專注於VR 360全景影片拍攝服務,並提供獨家VR Live直播技術服務,任何精彩瞬間、感動時刻,用跨視代最高品質的VR 360影片記錄生命美好的時刻。

  • ChaseWind
    Wearable Device


    ChaseWind cycling smart glasses are heads-up and transparent display for cyclists that connects to wireless sensors and provides GPS navigation, voice chat, and SOS alert notification services, which provides more interesting and safer cycling experience for cyclists.

  • Fennec
    Wearable Device


    Fennec Watch is world's first smartwatch designed for tweens. Fennec Messenger is available on smartphone and the Fennec Watch. Kids not yet ready for a smartphone can still enjoy sharing their lives.

  • PAIX Inc
    Wearable Device

    PAIX Inc

    Team of Paix was founded in 2015 with a vision to combine technology with our every day life. By bringing smart features to bags, we hope to make daily commute and travel easier and more versatile.

    Wearable Device


    UUPSAFETY provides high-quality personal protective equipment and systems for firefighters. Durability, comfort, safety, quality and innovation are hallmarks of our products.

  • iSyncGroup Inc.
    Internet of Things

    iSyncGroup Inc.


  • CatDID Technology CO.,LTD
    Internet of Things

    CatDID Technology CO.,LTD

    iPetoi clean up dog stool and urine automatically and keep house clean and odorless. By using iPetoi, we find an elegant life style with our pets

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