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  • Blade Hydrogen Co.
    Advanced Manufacturing

    Blade Hydrogen Co.

    Building fuel cell metal plate, stack, power generator system, and related hydrogen new products

    • #CES
  • TMY Technology
    Advanced Manufacturing

    TMY Technology

    TMY Technology is a Taiwan based startup company and leading 5G beamforming solution provider. The company is focusing on mmWave technology and RF (Radio Frequency) front end solutions by providing highly modulized beamforming systems that enable 5G designers to successfully develop innovative antenna and baseband technology.

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  • Manaflex LLC
    Advanced Manufacturing

    Manaflex LLC

    Customer Experience Automation Platform

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  • SourceZones
    Advanced Manufacturing


    SourceZones, founded in 2017 in Taiwan, is one of the first Asia based Data Enrichment service vendors and Knowledge Graph system developers.

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  • Additive Intelligence
    Advanced Manufacturing

    Additive Intelligence

    Additive Intelligence is using machine learning to solve the problem of deformation during the sintering of metal 3D printed parts, making metal additive manufacturing fast, scalable, and cost-competitive.

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  • Showhue Technology Co., LTD.
    Advanced Manufacturing

    Showhue Technology Co., LTD.

    AI shows you better

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    Advanced Manufacturing


    TWBIO is a biotechnology company, who focuses on the development of a “Next Generation Bio-factory”. We build healthy probiotics cells as micro-factories for production of high-valuable compounds for supplements, medicals, and animal health.

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  • iSPECT Technology
    Advanced Manufacturing

    iSPECT Technology

    ISPECT TECHNOLOGY combines optical spectra technology and artificial intelligence, provide a fast, accurate and non-invasive detection system which allows companies to easily scale up their quality control efficiency.

    • #IAPS