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A.V. Mapping

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影像配樂AI技術服務平台「A.V. Mapping」為了解決找影片配樂的授權,所花費溝通時間、試聽大量曲目的時間,且做編輯剪接等聲音工作的時間,技術得以將2週的工作縮短為30分鐘!在短時間內獲得了6百多位的使用者、2百多位活動參與者。獲選She Loves Tech港澳台冠軍、紅點最佳設計大獎、NVIDIA inception、女性飛雁加速器等。

A.V. Mapping is a service to automatically match musics from hundreds of musicians to your videos."A.V. Mapping provides a flawless one-stop video music mapping and licensing platform to maximize the efficiency for video production with the power of A.I technology. A.V. Mapping is a one-stop AI video and music mapping platform, proven to shorten the music-for-video search by 2,000 times. What we want to solve is the time-consuming problem for every creator so that they could focus on their creation more, including music and video