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BigGo 建立購物網站的商品搜尋引擎,並支援現金回饋商品搜尋。透過人工智慧採用了一種分數權衡機制,除了內容的關聯性外。使用者跟資料的互動也被納入計算分數的標準。同樣的機制也被用在拍賣 SPAM 的資料排除上,建立完善的商品查詢系統。

BigGo is a vertical search engine and price comparison website. It is the only product search engine in Taiwan that searches for all shopping websites and the only search engine that supports cash feedback products in the world. Unlike other traditional price comparison websites that only search for diversified products, their goal is to search all goods in Taiwan. BigGo brings consumers and traffic to the site, and provides users with a more sophisticated and fast localized search experience.