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BiiLabs 致力於提供全方位、可信賴、富安全性並有效率的數位轉型方案予所有客戶。在萬物聯網背景下,所有人都應擁有參與新經濟發展的機會且從現代科技當中受益;特別是於零售與行動領域中,BiiLabs 將協助解決支付、稽核,乃至於存儲等方面之問題。

BiiLabs is a Blockchain Industry & Innovation Labs by providing Distributed Ledger Technology for IoT. BiiLabs aims to provide an overall solution to digital transformation such as trust, security, and efficiency for our clients. Our vision is to empower everyone to access and thrive in the digital economy through bridging the gap between digital spaces and the human world.