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CYBAVO成立於2018年,成員來自區塊鏈安全、密碼學、計算機安全、網絡攻防等安全領域,平均擁有十年以上的安全研究經驗,數十個專利成果。團隊中還包含三大國際知名安全會議創始人,擁有廣泛的白帽資源,掌握第一手的漏洞資訊和最新的攻防技術。我們的使命是提供最先進的數字資產託管技術,CYBAVO採用定制化的高效安全系統,專利加密技術,以最高的安全標準打造出CYBAVO VAULT和CYBAVO WALLET SDK,幫助我們的客戶輕鬆管理數字資產,構築起堅固的安全堡壘,防止惡意攻擊、偷竊和丟失。安全問題交給CYBAVO,您可以全心專注業務拓展。

CYBAVO was established in 2018 by a team of cybersecurity veterans with backgrounds in blockchain security, cryptography, computer security, malware analysis and web security. The team boasts an average of over 10 years experience in cybersecurity research and development, and a large number of related patents granted. The team also includes the founders of three internationally renowned security conferences, has a wide range of white-hat network resources, first-hand vulnerability information and mastery of the latest offensive and defensive technologies. Our mission is to provide the most advanced digital asset custody technology. CYBAVO has developed a custom security-hardened operating system, patented encryption technology, and a highly secure sandboxed environment to deliver the CYBAVO VAULT and CYBAVO WALLET SDK to help our customers easily manage digital assets and prevent malicious attacks, theft and loss. Trust CYBAVO with the security of your digital assets, so you can focus on developing your business.