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ENVIRO IDEA Co., Ltd(RE Green)

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RE Green居家製肥機,資源再生不浪費,讓居家廚餘變成有機肥料!
RE Green居家製肥機 + 抑臭酵素包 = 有機肥料。臺灣團隊設計研發臺灣工廠製造MIT,通氣式製肥可將好菌帶回土壤中,有專利、檢驗報告及國際設計大獎的肯定

ENVIRO IDEA Co., Ltd. is an environmental creative product design and development company. It is guided by B Lab & social enterprise. Odorless & pest-free composting at home! Easy solution for beginners to turn leftovers into nutrient-rich compost.