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GRAID Technology

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組合式的基礎架構(Composable Infrastructure)中,計算、存儲和網絡資源是從其物理位置抽像出來的,並透過基於網頁的界面由軟體進行管理,使數據中心資源像雲端服務一樣容易獲得,並成為私有和混合雲解決方案的基礎。
隨著 NVMe SSD 和 NVMeoF 的出現,我們看到SCI(Software Composable Infrastructure)在不犧牲性能和延遲的情況下將計算與存儲分離的可能性。但是,隨著 NVMe SSD 技術的發展,我們也看到 RAID 數據保護已成為整體系統中的性能瓶頸,且至目前為止仍未有合適的解決方案。"

GRAID Technology Inc. is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California with an R&D center in Taipei, Taiwan, and has been formed by a team that has more than 15 years’ experience in the SDS, ASIC and storage industries. Our extraordinary software & hardware solution has redefined every aspect of an SSD RAID card, and makes GRAID SupremeRAID™the most powerful and flexible NVMe SSD RAID card in the world.