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Grouu Baby Food | PT Menggapai Bintang Angkasa

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Grouu 成立於印尼雅加達,為快速成長的嬰兒食品公司。不到 1 年,已成功銷售超過 100,000 份嬰兒食品並服務超過 5,000 個家庭。Grouu 的產品專門為 6 個月 (含) 以上的嬰幼兒打造,通過國家級小兒科醫生認證,結合半自動化運營系統、AI 物流運算,提升配送效率,健康安全的嬰兒食品。

Grouu is a fast grouu-ing baby food company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Within 12 months of operations, we have delivered over 100,000 meals to over 5,000 parents who trust us to be part of their babies’ grouu-ing journey.