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Home心台語是放心。我們期望改善醫院照護環境,讓家屬及病人踏進醫院,只有放心沒有憂心。Home心是衛福部指定合作的新創公司,共同推動共享照顧,利用智慧平台劃分出重點照顧項目(4-5hr方案),再運用 AI配對模型快速匹配最適合之照服員,利用資訊科技解決照顧人力短缺之議題。

"Homexin" in Taiwanese means don't worry. Homexin's mission is to tackle the growing severity and the resulting problematic societal issues from the labour shortage situation in the caregiver system. Homexin introduces alternative short period care service (4-5 hour) to enlarge the total capacity of caregivers, collaborates with Ministry of Health and Welfare (MoHW) to implement such shared care models into medical centers, and utilises AI technology to instill efficiency and quality in the caregiver system.