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聯合創始人 Lorenzo 本身也是名設計師,他發現目前產業缺少一個平台能夠讓設計師上傳自己的作品直接與消費者溝通,再加上 Eliana 過去在大品牌擔任採購的經驗,結合雙方的想法並重組,Lablaco應運而生。在 Lablaco 上的每個動作都有它的價值,最終會形成一種循環,日後也能夠以平台上數據幫助設計師了解他們的設計方向,讓品牌、消費者與設計師都能受惠,達到三贏的局面,進而開創一個全新的商業模式。

Co-founder Lorenzo is also a designer himself. He found that the current industry lacks a platform that allows designers to upload their own works and communicate directly with consumers. In addition, Eliana's past experience in procurement for major brands has combined the ideas of both parties and reorganized. , Lablaco came into being. "The fashion industry currently does not have an integrated platform. Even though E-commerce is developing rapidly, their main purpose is essentially to sell goods. There is no way to further optimize the data, nor to help brands achieve digital transformation." Only from the data side. It is possible to promote changes in the industry. Every action on Lablaco has its value and will eventually form a cycle. In the future, the data on the platform can also be used to help designers understand their design direction, allowing brands, consumers and design All teachers can benefit, achieve a win-win situation, and then create a brand-new business model.