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Internet of Things

Lifetrack Medical Systems Private Ltd.

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Lifetrack Medical Systems 提供放射科專用平台,該系統旨在幫助醫療人員無論在院內或院外都能及時有效地為患者提供服務。具有專利的RadNav技術,可生成一致的診斷報告,使放射科醫生能夠提高工作效率。

Lifetrack Medical Systems is the leader in distributed radiology solutions, engineered for both emerging and developed market needs.  It's distributed onsite-cloud-and-browser based platform, LifeSys™ RIS/PACS, features patented RadNav™ technology, which enables radiologists to produce consistent, comprehensive, high-quality diagnostic reports with rapid turnaround for better patient care.  Already widely deployed in Southeast Asia and South Asia, Lifesys™ is now rolling out in the USA and other global markets.