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Medical Cooling Inc.

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救護車上的每分每秒都很關鍵。Medical Cooling 正在開發一種五合一設備,具有通風,冷卻和監控的功能。該設備旨在提供救護車上的患者在到院前降溫,透過儘早降低和控制體溫以保護大腦並改善心臟驟停、中風、和腦外傷患者的治療效果。

Every minute and every second in the ambulance is critical. Medical Cooling is developing a five-in-one device with ventilation, cooling and monitoring functions. The equipment is designed to provide patients in ambulances with cooling down before arriving at the hospital, and to protect the brain by lowering and controlling body temperature as soon as possible, and to improve the treatment effect of patients with cardiac arrest, stroke, and traumatic brain injury.