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Internet of Things


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Pakpobox 是解決最後一公里問題的智能自助服務解決方案。它集成了IOT(物聯網)、信息技術、加密技術和雲計算,提供可靠的包裹分揀/發送自助服務。

Pakpobox is a smart self-service solution for last mile problem. It integrates IOT(Internet of Things), Information Technology, Encryption Technology and Cloud Computing to offer reliable parcel picking/sending self-service.

Pakpobox comprises software and hardware system, terminal facilities, mobile apps, and backend management system, realizing data exchange between e-commerce platforms and logistics companies. It can also integrate local payment patterns, such as credit cards, Octopus(HK), Paypal, Alipay and Wechat-pay.