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SIRC 是大阪市立大學的初創公司,成立於 2015 年 2 月。我們的技術基於辻本教授 40 多年的研究。他開發了3mm見方的智能芯片,稱為“SIRC設備”,可以服務於多種用途。使用單個SIRC設備,它可以實時提取4個元素:電流、功率、角度(方向)和頻率。競爭優勢是尺寸和成本。考慮到它只有3mm,安裝沒有空間限制,並且已經成功量產,可以低成本交付。 SIRC設備的應用多種多樣,根據客戶的要求和要求,SIRC單獨設計外圍電路。目前,SIRC設備用於遠程監控壓力表、水錶和工廠等模擬儀表。

SIRC is a Osaka City University startup company, created in February 2015. Our technology is based on more than 40 years of research, done by Prof. Tsujimoto. He has developed 3mm square smart chip, called ""SIRC device"" which can server multiple purposes. With single SIRC device, it can extract 4 elements: electric current, power, angle (orientation) and frequency in real time. Competitive advantages are size and cost. Given that it is only 3mm, no space limitation for installment and with success in mass producing the device, it can be delivered with low cost. SIRC device’s application is diverse and depending on the request and requirement of the client, SIRC designs peripheral circuits individually. As of now, SIRC device is used to remotely monitor analog meters such as pressure gauges, water meters and factories.