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SiriuXense Inc.

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我們為孕婦提供超過2個小時的連續胎兒監護儀。 融合感測技術搭配演算法,搭載於物聯網穿戴裝置之上,作為孕期在家胎兒照護。該服務讓孕婦可透過智能穿戴裝置與手機App,在家連續照護胎兒,包括聆聽胎心、計算胎動以及觀看趨勢等。

SiriuXense is working on building the smart care ecosystem for all ages through sensor fusion technology, algorithm, and AIoT devices.
We provide pregnant women with continuous fetal monitors for more than 2 hours. The fusion sensing technology and algorithm are on the wearable device of the Internet of Things, as the care of the fetus at home during pregnancy. This service allows pregnant women to continuously care for their fetus at home through smart wearable devices and mobile apps, including listening to the fetal heart rate, calculating fetal movements, and watching trends.