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「食物過敏原檢測物聯網系統」係利用奈米技術搭配特殊材料所設計之高效能檢測系統,裝置僅一個鑰匙圈大小,讓使用者外出時方便隨身攜帶,僅需要幾個簡易操作步驟就可以在兩分鐘之內得到快速且精確的檢測結果,其檢測靈敏度高達1 ppm (百萬分濃度)更媲美國際黃金認證的實驗室專用機台ELISA,並搭配IoT技術將所有數據上傳至雲端利用AI進行運算與分析,進而打造出專屬的個人化食安系統。

Test Food Allergen Detection System, TADs, consists of a device, a sensor chip, and an app system. It can quantify the target of allergen, and its detection limit is 1 ppm (parts per million). The detection device is only keychain-sized, which is easy to carry anywhere. It also can connect with a smartphone through Bluetooth, allowing consumers to control the device. The app system can help the consumer to record the amount of allergen they have already taken, creating a personal detection database. It also helps consumers get smart eating to avoid food allergy easily.