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Nanoramic Thermexit™ 是一系列高端熱界面間隙填充墊。 Nanoramic's® 間隙填料是一種非反應性、非矽、無固化系統,具有高導熱性和高熱穩定性。 Nanoramic® 生產 2 條新型產品線,高性能 TIM 間隙填充劑和電絕緣 TIM 間隙填充劑。Nanoramic Thermexit™ 技術源自政府多年資助的先進材料研究和開發,包括碳納米管在電化學系統中的應用以及納米管和其他碳複合材料的分散、複合和塗層工藝。基於對納米碳材料、工藝和應用的深入了解,Nanoramic® 在聚合物基複合材料、熱界面材料和用於儲能的無粘合劑電極方面取得了成功。

Nanoramic Thermexit™ is a line of high-end thermal interface gap filler pads. Nanoramic's® gap fillers are a non-reactive, non-silicon, no cure system featuring high thermal conductivity and high thermal stability. Nanoramic® produces 2 novel product lines, a High Performance TIM Gap Filler and an Electrically Insulating TIM Gap Filler. The Nanoramic Thermexit™ technology is derived from years of government funded research and development in advanced materials including the application of carbon nanotubes in electrochemical systems as well as dispersion, compounding and coating process for composites of nanotubes and other carbons. Based on a deep knowledge of nanocarbon materials, processes, and applications, Nanoramic® has demonstrated success in polymer-based composites, thermal interface materials, and binderless electrodes for energy storage.