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Internet of Things


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Verdigris 追蹤器是一項行動裝置。可即時追蹤、通知及偵測異常事件。結合專利傳感器和人工智能,Verdigris 了解建築物的運作方式,並幫助診斷設備問題和管理能源。目前專注於對能源及關鍵設備管理有需求的設施,如製造業,旅館和醫院。

Verdigris enables building intelligent buildings through AI and real-time energy monitoring. In addition, Verdigris delivers insight into the power usage per device when in critical condition. Verdigris Building.AI is cloud analytics software for enterprise facilities managers and large commercial buildings. It allows them to optimize operations, increase facility uptime, and save on energy costs. Building.AI is a sophisticated machine learning analytics SAAS platform and embedded wireless sensor that enables real-time identification, disaggregation, and analysis of the loads in buildings, providing unprecedented insights about behavior and usage.