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Healthcare & Biomedical

mProbe Taiwan Inc.

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台灣雲檢致力於主動化健康管理創新與服務,透過 LiquidHealth Check TM 取得微量血液進行高解析質譜分析,對多項代謝產物、細胞分子調節因子、時間歷程等各種因素,結合雲檢公司所擁有的醫療大數據模型以及人工智慧的運算與統計,量化健康狀況,進而評估發病風險,給予個人化介入建議,避免疾病發生,促進健康。

mProbe Inc. is a biotechnology company from Stanford University and committed to promoting human health and wellness by transforming the field of precision health and precision medicine.