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TTA Celebrates 5th Anniversary, Connecting Taiwan to the Global Startup Ecosystem


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TTA Celebrates 5th Anniversary, Connecting Taiwan to the Global Startup Ecosystem

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To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA), a two-day TTA Fifth Anniversary Ceremony was held on September 11 and 12. The opening ceremony was graced by Premier of Executive Yuan Chien-Jen Chen, who delivered a speech, along with representatives from various ministries and local governments, foreign diplomatic missions in Taiwan, renowned entrepreneurs, investors, TTA international accelerators, and representatives from Taiwan's startup ecosystem. Together, they witnessed the fruitful achievements of the past five years and expressed their continued support.

Executive Yuan Minister without Portfolio and Minister of National Science and Technology Council (NSTC), Tsung-Tsong Wu, stated that with the assistance of various stakeholders, TTA has successfully cultivated Taiwan's startup ecosystem over the past five years. This has significantly enhanced Taiwan's visibility and influence in the global technology startup scene. He also expressed the hope that in response to the Taiwan Chip-based Industrial Innovation Program (Taiwan CBI), TTA will attract top international chip startups and innovative teams to Taiwan, contributing to Taiwan's position as a hub for international chip design and innovation applications. This will deepen cooperation with various industries in Taiwan and continue to make significant contributions to global industry innovation driven by chips.

Creating an International Startup Hub and Nurturing Taiwan's Startup Teams
The NSTC formed TTA in 2018 to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in Taiwan and enable Taiwan to join the global entrepreneurial ecosystem. In 2021, TTA South was established, leveraging international startup resources and connecting with local industry clusters to accelerate the industrialization of startups and the deployment of cutting-edge technology.  This enables international linkages for technological startups and aids their integration into the global industrial supply chain.

Over the past five years, TTA has successfully attracted 10 world-class accelerators and incubated over 700 startup teams, with approximately 46% of them being international teams. Collectively they have raised over NT$24 billion in funding.

To attract international entrepreneurial resources and stimulate the creative thinking of domestic startup teams, TTA introduced the TTA Black Card Membership Program. With the issuance of 46 Black Cards to date, the program has attracted successful entrepreneurs and leading investors with extensive international experience. Their practical experiences and expertise serve as a reference to broaden and strengthen Taiwan's startup ecosystem's international perspective.

Furthermore, the NSTC, along with TTA, has partnered with various ministries, including the National Development Council, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and the Ministry of Digital Affairs, to form a national team. This team has led over 1,000 technology startup teams to participate in prestigious international startup exhibitions such as CES in the United States, London Tech Week in the United Kingdom, and Viva Tech in France, highlighting cross-ministerial guidance and demonstrating Taiwan's startups technological prowess to the world.

Connecting International IC Startups to Drive Innovation in Taiwan's Industries
The NSTC will collaborate with various ministries to promote the ten-year Taiwan CBI. The primary focus is to leverage Taiwan's world-class semiconductor industry strength to drive innovation across all industries. The application of chips will lead to innovations in various industries such as food, medicine, clothing, housing, transportation, education, and entertainment. This initiative aims to accelerate innovation upgrades in various industries.

Another key aspect of Taiwan CBI, is to cultivate and connect global chip talent and startups, laying the foundation for industrial innovation in the next 10 to 20 years. Under this initiative, TTA will continue to play a crucial role as a hub for startups, promoting the development of the entire ecosystem, connecting with global innovation energy, attracting top international chip-related startups to Taiwan, and facilitating international venture capital and funds to invest in startups. This will help upgrade and transform industries globally, enabling them to thrive in the wave of technological progress and growth.

Media Contact:
Miriam M.Y. Chu
Section Chief of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Affairs
Department of Academia-Industry Collaboration and Science Park Affairs
National Science and Technology Council
Phone:(02) 27377978


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