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CES 2022 ✕ TTA徵案開跑!


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CES 2022 ✕ TTA徵案開跑!

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身處疫情之下,我們邁向國際的腳步也從不停息,今年TTA將籌組消費性電子展(CES)代表團,邀請臺灣新創團隊參與,持續帶領臺灣科技新創勇闖國際舞台發光發熱,引領臺灣科技新創生態系統向上發展,進一步拓展國際市場及提升國際影響力,針對CES 2022 ✕ TTA徵案說明資訊如下:
展覽日期:實體2022/01/05 (三) ~ 2022/01/08 (六)
                   線上2022/01/05 (三) ~ 2022/01/31 (一)

美國拉斯維加斯Sands Expo, Eureka Park
參與形式:TTA邀請業界鄰選100家臺灣科技新創參與美國CES 2022虛實展會,除了協助入選團隊建置虛實展示館外,更透過大會資源進行數位行銷及強化臺灣科新創鏈結全球產業與資金,展會官網:
  • 在台完成公司設立,或尚未成立公司之新創團隊
  • 需具備英文公司官網及需先申請註冊Crunchbase, LinkIn, Twitter, FB
  • 從未在Eureka Park參展,或只參展過1次,CES 2021及2022 Digital則不納入計算次數內。
  • 凡符合Eureka Park參展資格標準,並以主辦大會Consumer Technology Association (簡稱為CTA)最新公告為主
報名期間:即日起至2021/09/15 (三) 23:59止
■ 有關參展遴選報名: TTA Ms. Zoe Lee / 03-5912123 /
■ 有關CES Innovation Award: TTA Ms. Sara Wang /
(注意事項:欲申請Innovation award之團隊,可先下載報名資訊檔案,報名資訊備齊後於每日2pm前提供TTA人員(Sara),TTA將偕同顧問提供線上輔導資源,固定於每日4:00~5:30pm時段開放預約,有需要之團隊歡迎多加利用。自行報名award無須輔導之團隊也麻煩通知Sara,TTA將彙整團隊名單作後續國際行銷相關活動安排之準備。)

隨時掌握更多 CES 2022 ✕ TTA 即時資訊,請上我們的行政官網

CES 2022 ✕ TTA Call for Application

This year, TTA is organizing a delegation to the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2022 and is inviting Taiwan's elite startup teams to participate, so as to continue to lead the nations innovation to shine on the global stage. Information on CES 2022 ✕ TTA Call for Application is as follows:
EXHIBITION DATE: 2022/01/05 Wed ~ 2022/01/08 Sat, Nevada
                                   2022/01/05 Wed ~ 2022/01/31 Mon, Virtual

EXHIBITION VENUE: Eureka Park, Sands Expo, Las Vegas Convention Center
EXHIBITION FORMAT: TTA is calling for 100 startup teams to participate in CES 2022. In addition to assisting the selected teams to build an online-offline exhibition experience, TTA will also utilize the event's resources to conduct digital marketing and provide a gateway for startup networks around the world to engage with Taiwan’s technology resources and organizations. Click here for CES official webpage
  • Incorporated in Taiwan or Start-up Team.
  • Must have an official website in English and Crunchbase, LinkIn, Twitter, FB profiles.
  • Eureka Park participants are limited to a maximum of two consecutive years of participation within the startup area. However, participation in CES 2021 Digital does not count toward a participation year.
  • Meet CTA's Eureka Park Entry Criteria in the link below
Application Process
All Taiwan startups are welcome to apply online through the link below. Your pitch deck will be reviewed by investors from Silicon Valley through TTA’s preliminary selection round, and a secondary review will be conducted by CTA to determine whether you qualify for Eureka Park.
Online Application:
Submission Deadline: 2021/09/15 Wed, 23:59 Taiwan time

■ About applying for showcasing in TTA Pavilion: TTA Ms. Zoe Lee / 03-5912123 /
■ About applying CES Innovation Award: TTA Ms. Sara Wang /
(Note:TTA provides consulting service for innovation award application. Monday to Friday, 4pm to 5:30pm open for booking. Please provide your application data and submit to Sara by 2pm before your booking session. For those applicants who do not need the consulting service, please also notify Sara after applying for future TTA marketing promotion purposes. Application form example can be downloaded here)
Never miss an important update on CES 2022 ✕ TTA, please go visit our dedicated website on


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