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大橡科技有限公司主要提供客戶在 LINE、Telegram 平台的會員管理技術(又稱 CRM)。公司理念讓資訊有效地被傳遞,讓關係溫暖地連結著。在人工和工人之間找尋平衡,在創新和新創之中保持真誠。

OakMega is a leading provider of CRM solutions on messaging apps for B2C brand owner. ""Its two hero product: BotFat and TeleLens.
BotFat, the most advanced CRM for LINE, providing a one-stop solution for marketing experts, custom service reps, and data analysts.
TeleLens, the No.1 CRM service for Telegram, enabling you to manage channels, bots, and groups all at once.
OakMega provides omnichannel instant messaging CRM solution for business, conquering the last mile of communication customers. We have over 150 clients in Taiwan and Japan from various industries. OakMega is rapidly scaling in APAC and further expanding into the US and European Markets.