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Imgoodie Co., Ltd.(Goodie)

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透過直覺的手勢操作,快速與朋友互相分享最愛的好書、好電影、及建立各種好吃好玩的口袋名單,找到與你有相同共鳴的朋友。 Goodie不只能幫助我們快速的透過推薦與好友進行有趣的各種互動,同時幫助店家藉由忠實客戶來傳遞價值。

Imgoodie is a social commerce platform founded in March 2020.  No AI, No Algo, No Ads, just simply recommendations from the people know you the most, your friends and your most trusted ones.  Users won't be hesitant about what to buy or what to do next.