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3T GDS Technology Inc

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3T GDS Technology lnc. 於2020年01月成立
 結合夥伴深耕於旅遊產業20餘年,秉持提供觀光旅遊產業整體服務與資訊解決方案宗旨,創建中央庫存管理系統,為各飯店民宿業者串接全球知名OTA平台;整合旅宿餐飲、生活娛樂,提供 7,000 餘品項之票券,串接電商、旅遊通路平台銷售,並首創票券即時信託、擁有各項票券專利。

3T GDS Technology lnc. is a provider of integrated service and information solutions focused on the tourism industry. Over the years, the team has been working hard in the hotel online booking business. In the hundreds of customer service experiences, they have accumulated a skillful software development technology and industry know-how, and have been taking accompanying companies to grow together, supporting all stages demand, and assisting with overall resource integration as our goal.
3T GDS provides the most intelligent and professional information systems and e-commerce mechanisms for leisure and tourism related industries [hotels, travel agencies, restaurants, reservation centers, aviation industry].