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開發的智能視覺傳感器Sentinare是一種創新的AI IoT產品,可以自動檢測跌倒、揮動、面部表情和其他異常行為,並輸出”簡筆劃”以保護隱私。 將即時簡筆圖傳輸到雲端中進行處理,進行跌倒風險評估以預防跌倒,針對遠程監控患者,進行行為健康分析以早期預測慢性疾病。

The smart visual sensor we developed, Sentinare, is an innovative AI IoT product to help seniors age in place. It can automatically detect fall, waving-for-help, actions, face and other unusual behaviors accurately, with stick figure output for privacy protection. Real-time stick figure is streamed to cloud for processing, for fall risk assessment for fall prevention, remote patient monitoring, behavioral health analysis for early prediction of chronic disease.