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Blockchain & Fintech

Bsos Tech Co., Ltd.

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BSOS(灣谷科技)於 2018 年成立,由國際知名創投 500 Startups 和國發會天使基金投資,專注於供應鏈金融科技(Supply Chain Fintech),並利用區塊鏈技術解決供應鏈金融資產真實性及流通性的問題。國際評鑑機構 GoodFirms 評鑑 BSOS 為 “Top Blockchain Development Company”;J.P. Morgan Quorum 2020 年推薦之供應鏈金融應用;著名研究機構 CB Insights 全球精選 35 家區塊鏈公司之供應鏈金融類代表。

BSOS liquidizes the real-world assets from multi-industries with different types of capital providers by blockchain. We form the ecosystem, which leverages CeFi, DeFi and financial institutions to bring better asset liquidity and financing efficiency to every corporate.