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Cascoda是一家屢獲殊榮的無晶圓廠半導體公司,基於革命性的專利技術,為物聯網(IoT)提供低功率半導體無線電設備。 我們的任務是解決物聯網中的基本問題,以使該技術無處不在。 Cascoda結合了出色的人員,流程,專業知識和技術,可提供性能最佳和最可靠的IoT解決方案。

Cascoda is an award winning fabless semiconductor company, supplying low-power semiconductor radio devices for the internet of things (IoT), based on revolutionary patented technology. Cascoda's products solve range, reliability, security, power & scalability issues for IoT through IPv6, DTLS & meshing