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ClearDekho Eyewear

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ClearDekho允許通過零售商店快速,輕鬆和簡單地購買負擔得起的眼鏡-它們通過印度三線和四線城市的在線和線下零售店提供7美元的眼鏡。 到目前為止,他們在零售運營的8個月內有25家商店,每月開設6-7家商店。我們還與印度特許經營擴張公司建立了獨家合作關係,計劃在18個月內在不同州開設100家商店。

ClearDekho enables quick, easy & simple purchase of affordable eyeglasses through retail stores-they offer $7 glasses through both online & offline retail stores in tier-3 and tier-4 cities in India. So far, they have 25 stores within 8 months of retail operations & opening up 6-7 stores every month. We have also tied up an exclusive partnership with an India Franchise Expansion company for rolling out 100 stores in 18 months across different states.