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KP Kitchen

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KP Kitchen Taiwan把北美風味的料理從我們的廚房帶到您的家裡或辦公室裡,製造簡易上手的DIY烘焙粉和香料。你可以自己輕鬆製作巧克力布朗尼、馬芬、蛋糕、煎餅、和晚餐。

KP Kitchen Taiwan brings the familiar tastes of North American baking and cooking from our kitchen into your home or office. We make easy-to-use DIY Baking Mixes (brownies, cupcakes, bread, pizza and more) as well as DIY Spice Mixes. All our products are made fresh in Taiwan with love and locally-source, quality ingredients. Our products are all developed with small kitchens in mind and are toaster-oven friendly.