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LiPro Vision Inc.

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Lipro Vision Inc.專注於行動智慧視窗(MSW)的開發,可以安裝在所有近眼可穿戴設備上。
我們開發出最好、最輕的可穿戴運動設備,讓您在跑步、騎自行車或步行時舒適地連接 GPS 導航、視頻程序或音樂。 

Lipro Vision Inc. focuses on the development of mobile smart windows (MSW), which can be mounted on all near-eye wearable devices. We develop the best and lightest wearable sports device that allows you to connect GPS navigation, video program, or music cozily when running, cycling, or walking. Our product is 50% less weight, 10 times brighter, 50% lower power consumption, and has a wider field of view than other existing products.