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Luk Advisor Limited

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陸智科技有限公司 Luk Advisor Limited 是一家AI 初創公司。我們為不同企業提供AI解決方案,也有自家研發不同AI應用和專利。我們的產品包括Count++(人工智能人流點算平台),AniDeep (動物智能監控系統),GuruMark(智能營銷平台 和Takeawayla 宅食(外賣格價平台https:/ /等。

Luk Advisor Limited is an AI startup located in Hong Kong. We provide different solutions in software development and AI to different corporates. We have clients like AIA and Ocean Park. Apart from that, we conduct research in AI computer vision and have several in-house products. AniDeep is one of our products which help monitor animals 24/7 using AI with computer vision. Count++ is another smart retail solution counting people logistics in retail stores. Our third product is GuruMark, a smart digital solution for online stores or company brands to easily reach and increase engagement with their clients in different social media platforms, i.e. Instagram. And finally, our last launched product on the market is Takeawayla, a trivago of food delivery platform to let people compare discounts across different food delivery channels. It is currently serving Hong Kong area.