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MIFON 幫助用戶在沒有電源或網路斷線的情況下找回丟失的手機。目標市場專注於印度、東南亞、中東和非洲的手機(移動裝置)用戶。MIFON 還包括核心智能手機實用程序,例如在空間不足和電池高效佔用空間中的自動清潔器、備份和反惡意軟件。目前已有200 萬部智能手機使用保護程式,其活躍用戶正以每月 12% 的速度持續增長。

MIFON helps users get their lost phone back without the need for power or an internet connection. Focusing on mobile first users in India, South East Asia, the Middle East & Africa. MIFON also includes core smart phone utilities such automated cleaner, backup & anti-malware in a compact space & battery efficient footprint. Currently protecting 2M smartphones, MIFON active users are growing at a rate of 12% per month.