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Manus Robotics

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由美國麻省理工學院知名機器人科學家 Harry Asada 及其學生研發以光學肌肉活動感測和人機合作,打造可穿戴機器人,協助肢障民眾重獲活品質和獨立行動能力。

Manus Robotics was founded by world renowned roboticist Dr. Harry Asada and his graduate students at MIT to develop affordable wearable technologies that can help people with disabilities regain their quality of life and independence. With innovations in optics-based muscle activity sensing and human-robot collaboration, Manus created a wearable robot that not only provides intelligent daily living assistance to the disabled, but also collects and analyzes patient muscle data for rehabilitation purposes. Prototypes of product are currently being tested in leading rehabilitation facilities in the U.S., with a market release aimed for 2020.