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開發的VM-Fi™聲麥無線,為一尖端音頻廣播技術,讓主機位置能夠連結至數以千計使用5G / AI / APP / ICT服務的無線裝置用戶,導覽場域單位可省下無線電設備成本,且不需再處理無線電設備收納問題,又能提升導覽的品質。

VM-Fi - The innovative solution for edge group communication and advantage for business:
1. The world 1st & only edge innovation group communication
2. VM-Fi is a ""Paradigm Shift"" solution for group communication from Traditional Radio. Like Nokia to Smartphone.
3. VM-Fi can have a B2B2B vertical integration business with Telecom Wi-Fi Service Corporate as a win-win business partner.
4. VM-Fi can solve the traditional high-cost radio business pain point by implementing smartphone generation tech to lower 50% running cost/75% maintain hour and 98% hardware quantity for business.