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Musk Array

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MUSK創新應用Micro LED技術來達成無光罩的曝光製程,突破一張光罩只能定義一種線路設計的先天限制,是一個相對於傳統光罩的破壞式創新。一個MUSK系統可以任意設計並執行無數個曝光圖形,藉此大幅降低製程成本、縮短開發時間、同時保有內部使用者的設計機密性。

MUSK system is a disruptive innovation relative to traditional photo-MASK. As a creative application to achieve a so-called maskless exposure, it breaks through the limitation of mask which is always considered that one mask only defines one pattern. You can design and execute exposure process for variety of patterns on MUSK system to have a dramatically reduction of process cost, to shorten development time, and to preserve internal confidentiality.