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Open AI Fab Inc.

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開源智造是一間AI顧問公司,主要核心業務為「訂閱制的人工智能服務」,包含AI技術諮詢和AI解決方案。我們團隊以紮實的AI技術實力和豐富的AI開發經驗服務各行各業並協助客戶達成落地應用。Open AI Fab 利用電腦視覺(Computer Vision)和自然語言處理(Natural Language Processing)等AI技術,將開發應用於醫學照護的AI情緒偵測軟體。

Open AI Fab Inc. is an AI consulting company whose main core business is "subscription-based artificial intelligence services", including AI technology consulting and AI solutions. Our team serves all walks of life with solid AI technical strength and rich AI development experience and assists customers in achieving landing applications. Open AI Fab uses AI technologies such as Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing to develop AI emotion detection software for medical care.