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Ovizio Imaging Systems

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Ovizio基於專利的Differential Digital Holographic Microscopy (DDHM),開發了定量顯微成像平台技術並將其商業化。該技術提供了用於活細胞實時3D成像的機器學習,無標籤和非侵入性工具。透過這些專利技術,Ovizio Imaging Systems 所提供的3D顯微鏡繞射影像,對於細胞培養、精準治療等帶來革命性的進展。

Based on the patented Differential Digital Holographic Microscopy (DDHM), Ovizio has developed and commercialized quantitative microscopy imaging platform technology. This technology provides machine learning, label-free and non-invasive tools for real-time 3D imaging of living cells. Through these patented technologies, the 3D microscope diffraction images provided by Ovizio Imaging Systems have brought revolutionary advances in cell culture and precision treatment.