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優必闊科技Ubiik 是專注於工業物聯網解決方案的台灣新創事業!
透過提供自主開發的Weightless LPWAN傳輸通訊技術及完整軟硬體垂直整合方案,深耕於智慧讀表、能源管理及智慧工廠領域。

Ubiik is the leader of implementations of Weightless™, the Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology. Ubiik manufacturers and sells volume Weightless end device modules and Weightless base stations to partners globally to develop their own custom solutions. Customers can also outsource the whole product development cycle to Ubiik. Everything from PCB layout, mechanical design, firmware, to device casing can be facilitated by Ubiik.