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Unboxed 為通過驗證的影響力行銷。影響力行銷是一個很難在全球範圍內擴展的過程。 Unboxed 解決了這個問題,並通過激勵社交媒體人群利用數百萬微型影響者網絡執行大規模的影響力行銷。這種方法可以消除欺詐,將最相關的微觀影響者與品牌產品相匹配。

Unboxed is a verified influencer marketing guaranteeing identity, influence, and impact. Because people trust each other more than advertising, micro-influencer marketing is 5 times more engaging and has 11 times higher ROI than traditional marketing.

Influencer marketing is a high touch process that is hard to scale globally. Unboxed solves this problem and superscales influencer marketing by incentivizing the social media crowd and tapping into a network of millions of micro-influencers to perform tasks via mobile app. This approach eliminates fraud, matches the most relevant micro-influencers with branded products, protects brand safety and scales campaigns. By using blockchain, Unboxed guarantees that the results are verified and secure.