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Xround Inc.

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XROUND 英霸聲學科技,是一群在音訊產業打滾多年的聲學工程師、調音師與發燒友們共同創辦的國際聲學品牌。
過去四年我們的 《XPUMP 3D智慧音效引擎》《AERO真無線電競藍牙耳機》與《VERSA 真無線藍牙耳機》,目前全球使用者已經突破20萬人,遍及日本、香港、美國、新加坡、中國大陸、韓國等地。

XROUND was founded by top-notched, passionate digital signal processing (DSP) audio experts, designers, engineers, and audiophiles. Today, the number of users worldwide has exceeded 200,000 people after successful launching in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, etc. in the past 4 years.