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Green Energy & Sustainability


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Incooling為數據中心設計和開發了兩階段冷卻系統解決方案。 鑑於當前正在對抗氣候變化,並朝著提供更多可持續能源解決方案的方向發展,Incooling致力於通過數據中心中更具可持續性的製冷實踐來提高能源效率。 

Incooling designs and develops two-phase cooling system solutions for data centers. Looking at the current trends, Data Centres will use 20% of all electricity available resulting in massive CO2 impact equal to that of aviation and shipping industries combined. Given the current fight against climate change and push towards more sustainable energy solutions, Incooling focuses on increasing the energy efficiency via more sustainable cooling practises in Data Centres where cooling accounts for more than 40% of its energy bills. It’s time to act now!