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From 1.5 Million Copies Sold Guitar Hero Publisher To Helping Startups Get Into YC


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From 1.5 Million Copies Sold Guitar Hero Publisher To Helping Startups Get Into YC

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Guitar Hero holds a special place in the hearts of those who grew up playing the game during their childhood. It was first published by RedOctane in 2005 and quickly became a worldwide phenomenon, selling over 1.5 million copies globally. However, what many may not know is that the journey of Guitar Hero started with the entrepreneurial spirit of Kai Huang and his brother.
They initially ventured into the gaming industry by operating the world's first online video game rental service. Recognizing the potential in game accessories, they soon shifted their focus and began creating their own. They realized that the success of their accessories was tied to the launch dates of the games they were producing for. This realization prompted RedOctane to dive into game production, ultimately leading to the birth of Guitar Hero. Kai memorized the game's immense popularity as people even bringing the Sony PlayStation and setting it up in the meeting room at Nintendo headquarters.

Big opportunities continued to come Kai Huang's way with the collaboration that resulted in the establishment of 886 Studios. Located in Taiwan, it is a venture studio aimed at assisting Taiwanese entrepreneurs in taking their startup projects to the global stage. With a clear focus on promoting international accessibility to Taiwan, this influential organization is making a significant impact in the Taiwanese startup landscape. Tune in to this episode to gain fascinating insights into the world of gaming, entrepreneurship, and the remarkable journey of Kai Huang and 886 Studios.

In this episode of Startup Island Taiwan Podcast, you will find out:
☛ Kai's journey into the gaming industry, starting with his venture into the online video game rental service and eventually leading to the creation of Guitar Hero 
☛ Guistar Hero one actually sold the most number of the game 10 months after it released
☛ Fun fact: Poeple even brought PlayStation console and set it up at Nintendo headquarters just to play the game
☛ Kai's insights on talent and the startup ecosystem in Taiwan  
☛ How 886 Studios' extensive network and comprehensive support systems go beyond the typical accelerator model, empowering companies to grow and thrive even after the accelerator stage
Join us to find out more!

Host: Asianometry, Deep tech channel with 480k followers, still growing 
Guest: Kai Huang, Founding Partner of 886 Studios

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